Unfortunately the waymerks project has now finished and no new merks are going to be minted. Because we still have some merks left the kists will remain and will continue to be restocked until we run out of merks. However as we have already run out of certain of the merks (particularly those in the eastern section) some of the kists will be empty. We apologise for any disappointment and can assure you that we are already working on new ideas for the Southern Upland Way. Watch this space…
Searching For Treasure Along The Way
Walk along the Way and you may be lucky enough to find some Waymerks to take home. Weymerks are small metal tokens that have been placed in concealed kists (containers) at thirteen locations along the route. Each token celebrates the heritage of the place in which is it hidden.

All the tokens have been minted by hand from lead and copper, but keep your eyes peeled – occasionally it is possible to find a silver Weymerk!
The kists are all very close to the Way, each one has a different design, and though never completely buried they are cleverly disguised. There is no need to dig, just keep your eyes open.

And remember please just take one Weymerk from each kist, please. How would you feel if when you got there the cupboard was bare?

The Waymerks Project was originally developed by local artists from the Scottish Borders Sculptors’ Collective with the support of the Southern Upland Partnership Arts Committee and funded by Leader Plus.

In order to continue the legacy of the Waymerks project, SUW Partners; Dumfries and Galloway Council, South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Borders Council will be continuing the work of the Waymerks project, with funding assistance from Scottish Natural Heritage.

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