Certificates 2018


Certificates 2018
2018’s been a busy time with many users enjoying the scenery of the southern uplands of Scotland, and using our new webpage – however … we found a bug with our new page! 
With new things come glitches, and our “claim your certificate” button wasn’t letting us know you wanted certificated for your efforts of completing the Southern Upland Way. This was since our new webpage was launched earlier in 2018. If you requested a certificate and heard nothing from us, its not because we chose to ignore you, but that we didn’t even realise you were asking for certification!
All we can say is sorry.
If you would like a certificate pack, the bug has been fixed, and please try again. If you still hear nothing from us (it may take a wee while to get them all filled out, so please be patient with us), give the website phone number a call, and we’ll look into it.
Click the “claim your certificate” button on the home page to get started.