Many sections of the Way are excellent for mountain biking with a wide range of tracks from forest roads to singletrack. However other areas are unsurfaced track over grassy hillsides. Due to the prevailing weather conditions in southern Scotland and the fact that much of the area is peat bog these areas often become extremely soft and muddy. This is very weather dependant so areas that might be easy to ride in the winter when the ground is frozen are impassable over the summer and autumn.

We are currently working on improving the Way for cyclists. We have produced a guide to riding the Southern Upland Way below, with advice on which areas can be ridden and alternative routes for areas that are impassable. Cycling the Southern Upland Way.

Cycling in Scotland is covered by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. It is therefore allowed to cycle anywhere along the Southern Upland Way as long as you act responsibly and follow the guidance in the following leaflet. Cycling Good Practice Guide.

The following links show other cycling opportunities in Southern Scotland