We have five bothies along the SUW, 2 of which are maintained by the Ranger Service, and 3 others by the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA)

The bothies only offer very basic shelter. You will need to fetch your water from nearby sources. The bothies, due to their remoteness do not have toilet facilities. Bothies are not staffed and the condition of the bothy very much depends upon the previous users.

We would ask you to please be considerate when you use a bothy and leave it as you would hope to find it upon your arrival.

Firewood is not always available, again this depends upon the graciousness of the previous occupants.

To view all the bothies along the route go to our Accommodation section.

The Mountain Bothy Association (MBA) was founded in 1965 “to maintain simple unlocked shelters in remote country for the use and benefit of all who love wild and lonely places”. The MBA have helped provide places of shelter on or nearby the Southern Upland Way. 3 bothies on the Southern Upland Way are run by the MBA, those being White Laggan, Brattleburn and Over Phawhope. The Beehive Bothy and Polskeoch / Chalk Memorial are run by The SUW Ranger Service in Dumfries and Galloway.

These are open bothies on or near the Way offering basic shelter without facilities.

The Beehive
Near Laggangarn
(Outdoor fireplace pit)
                    Picture Credit: Alex Pilkington

Over Phawhope
North-east of Ettrick
  Over Phawhope
East of Daer Reservoir
Chalk Memorial / Polskeoch Bothy
Head of Water of Ken
Near Polskeoch
White Laggan
South of Loch Dee
White Laggan