The Scottish Outdoor Access Code gives the following advice to riders planning to enjoy the countryside with their horse or pony:

Access rights extend to horse riding. Riding on firm or hard surfaces, such as wide paths and tracks and well-drained ground, causes few problems. On narrow routes, horse riding may cause problems for other people, such as walkers and cyclists. If this occurs, take extra care by giving way to walkers where possible or by looking for an alternative route. If you are riding off-path, particularly in winter, take care to avoid:

  • going onto wet, boggy or soft ground; and
  • churning up the surface.

Take care not to alarm farm animals and wildlife, particularly if you go round a field margin. Do not go into fields where there are grazing horses or animals that might be a danger. Get permission if you wish to carry out repetitive schooling on other people’s land or wish to use jumps or custom-made gallops when these are not in use.