Everyone needs a facility once in a while, even if they do plan on “roughing it” along the Southern Upland Way.

From bus times to public loos, outdoor shops to bike repair, we have a good amount of needs covered below.

Any of the lists you feel are important to you can be downloaded and popped inside your guidebook, so you don’t fall victim of mobile phone signal black spots. Almost all sections of the route have coverage at some-point during the day, but there are still some signal black spots where no phone provider has yet reached, especially in the more remote West. The lists can also be used as part of your risk assessments if you plan on bringing groups onto the route.

Eventually these lists will be layered onto a map to make things easier to view. But we plan to keep the downloadable lists available so that they can be printed off and taken with you.

In large towns there is plenty of choice of food shops & pubs and we have chosen not list these facilities. A quick internet search will help you here. The lists are really for the smaller towns and villages that may have limited choice so you don’t miss an opportunity.

If you are a business owner and would like listed, email us with your details and we will see where best you fit in.

All accommodation providers are listed separately here, and covers the entire route.


Doctors, hospitals and chemists

Food, laundry and cafes

Outdoor shops and bike repair

Public Toilets (needs a phone signal)

Public transport (needs a phone signal)

Pubs and bar meals

Taxi Firms

Tourist information and visitor centres

Water Refill Scheme (Requires an App downloaded)