The New Hoard

In remote, secret places in The Southern Uplands of Scotland, sculptured kists can be found. These are the legacy of Waymerks, named after the hand-minted coins with which they were filled. Now the kists contain a new treasure.

The New Hoard leaflet will give you all the information you need


Along the length of The Southern Upland Way small metal badges affixed to way-markers announce “Ultreia!” – on with your quest! These give clues to the whereabouts of…


Individually sculptured containers, 13 in number, hidden only a few paces from the path. Finders will experience the artist’s vision, their response to a place, the materials they chose to work with and the shape of container they devised. These art forms have lived through the Waymerks era and are, in keeping with the artist’s original idea, in a gradual state of decay.

Now they enter their final phase:

The Hoard

The Waymerks project lives on – a bright new treasure, conceived out of the old. Each kist contains a minted coin or token called a 13th. Along the 214 mile length of The Southern Upland Way, all these 13ths can be found. They show beautifully drawn images generated by young artists – of history, nature, architecture and technology. Take one with you, as you continue your journey. Each coin is a thirteenth part of the whole – the whole being The Hoard.


There is no need to move stuff around or dig holes keep your eyes open and look for anything unusual that’s the way to find a kist. After you have taken  your 13th, please shut the lid. Also, follow the Scottish  Outdoor Access Code during your quest.

Take Care!

Wild animals may have made homes in some kists. Take a look, before reaching down inside!


No Treasure!

Finding 13ths in kists is not guaranteed. After all, maybe  a large party of people has just passed by an hour earlier,  discovered the kist and emptied it. Each of them had as  much right to a 13th as you. So, if the kist is empty, do  not despair. Draw a picture of it or simply remember its  appearance and where you found it. Better still, take a  photograph! Then contact the appropriate Ranger Service . They will supply a Hoard 13th from the kist  you found, for each named person in your group.