Bothies near St John's Town of Dalry to Sanquhar

Chalk Memorial Bothy, Polskeoch (NS 685019)

Polskeoch Bothy, A76, Thornhill, UK

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Chalk Memorial Bothy, Polskeoch (NS 685019)
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Accommodation is less than 200m from the Southern Upland Way.
Evening Meal. This does not mean that it is offered as standard but it will be available on request.
Packed Lunch. Available by prior arrangement.
Laundry Facilities.
Drying Facilities.
Public phone availability or use of the family’s phone.
Well behaved dogs are welcome (please double check when booking, as the owner may have rooms better suited to dogs staying over)
Pub within sight (or hailing distance)
Open All year (or most of it, anyway). Most will be open at least from April until October.
Vehicle Support. Bookings should be made in advance. Levels of vehicle support may vary.

 Clean and tidy and of an acceptable, if basic standard.
 Good all round standard.
 Very good standard, where attention to detail is paid in every area.
 An excellent standard with the use of high quality materials and friendly professional service in every area.

 Less than 20
 Between 20 and 30
 Between 30 and 40
 Over 40


There are no shops or eating places on the route between Dalry and Sanquhar. The town of Sanquhar does have a selection of newsagents, supermarkets, three take-away food outlets and pubs. Branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Halifax Bank of Scotland are situated on the High Street.


0845 600 5701


Castle Douglas 01556 505900
Sanquhar 01659 50221