Booking Companies

There is no harm in planning your own trip using the official webpage, the internet and guide books. The most recent guide book is Walking the Southern Upland Way Cicerone 2018, updated by Ronald Turnbull. This is available online, at larger libraries, and good book shops. Another useful item to help with planning is the Southern Upland Way Map, Harvey Maps 2018, which covers the entire route on one piece of waterproof paper.

The Southern Upland Way Rangers are also happy to help anyone struggling to plan their journey. Call or email for some local knowledge and we’ll get back to you when we can.

But to take all the stress out of planning and booking accomodation, you may want to use a dedicated booking service.

The price varies, as does what is included with each. We do not associate ourselves with any of the providers below. This is merely for information and listed alphabetically.

Absolute Escapes

Contours Holidays

Make Tracks

The Natural Adventure Company