The Southern Upland Way is so much more than a coast to coast long distance route. The natural and historical heritage that can be experienced and learnt about in the South of Scotland is fascinating. All along the Way are communities dedicated to providing high quality services and attractions.

The library is your portal to all the additional information you may be interested in while you visit the South of Scotland.

Geology, history, art or the native flora and fauna of the area; we hope this section provides you with resources for discovering more about your special interests. This section is also where you will find downloadable copies of our SUW leaflets and booklets.

The Links page contains a comprehensive list of information providers, services, attractions, projects, initiatives and further items of interest in Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders. Please take some time to try these links. The South of Scotland is rich with things to do, see and experience in addition to your planned walk.

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