Alan Catle, “The Southern Upland Way” Cicerone Guide Paperback – PVC Edition

ISBN 10 1852844094

ISBN 13 9781852844097


Size 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

The guidebook divides the walk into thirteen stages of varying length that will fill a two-week walking holiday in this relatively unknown area of Britain. Possibilities for shorter walking holidays along the Way are also fully discussed. The walk is at times a somewhat strenuous one, but advice is given as to how all of the longer stages may be broken down into shorter more manageable sections. The guide is packed with information on the many places of interest passed en route and the historical connections are thoroughly discussed.


Anthony Burton 1997. “The Southern Upland Way” Recreational Path Guide – Aurum Press, London/Ordnance Survey.

ISBN 1 85410 4551
Size: 210mm x 130mm x 12mm.
Weight: 290 gms.
This easy to use single volume guide contains maps of the route (at 1:25,000 scale) which are in 200-600 metre sections, included adjacent to the relevant text. The maps are more detailed than those in any of the other guides but they do not cover the area surrounding the route that is beyond about 250 metres.


Roger Smith 2005. “The Southern Upland Way” – Official Guide (third edition). Mercat Press.

ISBN 1 84183 077 1
Size: 225mm x 136 mm x 20mm.
Weight: guide book 334 gms, maps 106 gms each, slipcase 40 gms (total weight 586 gms).
This single volume guidebook is accompanied by two foldout maps, one for the western section and another for the eastern section. A new feature is the inclusion of 80 short walks incorporating parts of the Way.

These short walks also feature on the accompanying OS maps (in this new edition the map orientation is conventional, north-south). See pdf file below for more details or visit
The maps show less detail than those in the Anthony Burton guide but they show much more of the surrounding countryside, including the nearest towns and villages.

David Williams 1989. “A guide to the Southern Upland Way”- Constable and Co. Ltd, London/Ordnance Survey.

ISBN 0 09 467910
Size: 175mm x 120mm x 22mm. Weight: 375 gms.
This single volume guide is the smallest and now the oldest of the three guides. It does not include detailed maps but recommends that walkers purchase Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps (scale 1:50,000) numbers 82, 76, 77, 78, 79, 73 and 67. These cost £5.25 each, totalling £36.75.


Sandra Bardwell, 2007 “Walking in Scotland” – Lonley Planet Guide

ISBN: 9781741042030
348 pp / 20 pp colour / 70 maps.


This guide is not exclusively about the SUW, however, it does contain some useful information. The high road’s just as good as the low road when it comes to walking in Scotland. Be prepared for some of Britain’s finest wilderness – rushing rivers, surging seas, highlands, islands, castles, cottages and, most importantly, good pubs. 66 detailed trail descriptions and two-colour contour maps for all featured walks

  • Coasts, Climbs & Canals colour section outlining the variety of Scottish walking
  • Expert advice on equipment, health and responsible walking
  • Extensive accommodation and transport information


Neil Griffiths 2003 – “Gurkha Reiver Walking the Southern Upland Way” – Cualann Press, Dunfermline.

ISBN 0-9544416-0-5.
Size: 145mm x 210mm.
Over 50 black and white illustrations. Not a guide book, but an amusing account of the author’s eight and half day trek along the Southern Upland Way together with four young Gurkhas. “The book vividly depicts what walkers can expect on the Southern Upland Way which Neil describes as ‘one of the finest walks in the land’. En route, Neil fills the reader in on interesting snippets of Ghurkha history and life-style. Royalties from the book will go to the Ghurkha Welfare Trust which provides £5 per week pensions to the 12,000 surviving wartime Gurkhas who receive no other pension.” Joanna Lumley called it “The funniest book I’ve read about the modern Ghurkha”. Recommended reading for anyone with an interest in walking the Southern Upland Way.

These guides are available at all good book shops or online.