Going All the Way

The Southern Upland Way includes some very long and demanding stretches, walkers tackling the route in one expedition must be very fit and experienced hill walkers.

You must be well equipped and prepared for emergencies. Although the route is waymarked, you must be able to navigate with map and compass when visibility is bad.

The time taken will vary according to individual fitness and weather conditions, but walkers should allow between 10 to 14 days. Strong walking boots, waterproof and windproof clothing are essential. The Southern Upland Way works across the grain of the country rather than following valleys and lines of least resistance so, although there are many miles of level walking, there are also many miles up and down hill – be prepared.

The Southern Upland Way is way marked throughout its length, using this standard symbol. It appears on all finger posts, waymarking posts, leaflet boxes and at information shelters.